Nandini Busireddy

Growing up seeing my dad, who is a teacher, I always loved going to school. I would swiftly complete the class tasks and consequently the responsibility of monitoring the class would be given to me. I adored that position and finished my tasks even readily. Eventually I was unianiously elected as the class leader. Little did I know that it was those moments of choice that determined my destiny. When I was eight, due to my agile nature, I had a severe hand injury. The vicissitude refrained me from sports, one of the reasons for my love to school. But, my dad believed that extracurricular activities are necessary for overall development as an individual and made me a part of Jana Vignana Vedika. I further refined my hobbies of reading and singing during that period.I completed the introductory course in music by Government of Andhrapradesh.
Education has made difference to my parents who struggled to become the first graduates in their respective families. Cognizant of this, I worked diligently …

Qualities To Become a Successful HR

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Qualities To Become a Successful HR
Field of HR is basically full of people who are driven and organized and try to achieve the goals of their company and focusing on the potentials of human resources and reaching their goals. Every organization has a Human Resource Department in which they will ensure that there is a prominent part provided for developing human capital and thus HR professionals are on demand. The foremost job of an HR is to hire the candidates that are required by the company and finding and fulfilling the company’s requirements accordingly. Certain traits one can develop to be a successful HR is as follows.
ØOrganisation: one of the most important traits for an HR professional is get his things organized. This includes a strong time manageme…

Intern for an Aviation n Travel Organisation


Aviation Management Trainee / Interns

We are looking for the Aviation Management Trainee / Interns for different roles and responsibilities. Initially, there would be no payout as will depend on the productivity, once the system and the process is through, we can reward.

Position : Management Trainees / Interns
No. Of Openings : 16
Location   : Work from Home Min Qualitfication :  Graduates with Master Education IITs and IIMs students are preferred .

Company Overview  :
AeroSoft Corp ” Best Aviation Based Business Idea for Interns

WelCome to AeroSoft Corp 
AeroSoft Corp is a newly establishing player in the Global Aviation IT market yet a Pioneer in Virtual Aviation Market in Asia. AeroSoft Corp Aims at creating a very Different, Low Cost, Win Win, Recession Proof, Virtual Aviation Market in Asia. Aerosoft focuses on the concept of out of the box thinking.
1.Aviation HR Consulting Service
We have several years of experience in any Aviation-related field and  Specialization in Aviation Online Flight School, We are trying to turn t…